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Arthur Benson

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Arthur Benson

  • Date of Birth: 12/10/1919
  • Date Deceased: 7/17/1991
  • Last Known Location: Willington, CT
  • Degree: Education - Industrial Arts
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1937
  • Date Graduated from NSTC: 6/14/1941


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Arthur Benson December 17 1942

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12/17/1942 (I guess)

Dear Miss Thompson,

I hope you will excuse the paper but its the best I could steal at the moment. Here I am sitting in the sand under a cold desert moon romancing about those dear old school days. (What a liar the army has made out of me. If I do any romancing it will be about my wife, who is at present 96.8 miles away in an desert oasis).

To get back to the subject you can see that once again I have changed stations. About 4 week ago I was talking with you about the Louisiana weather and my profound disrespect for it. I have gotten my just deserts.

The Desert is not too bad now but in the summer it does have its bad moments. Right now it is cold at night, pardon while I sniffle, and warm during the day.

It sure is PFC Rezars paradise. I have never seen so many odd and seemingly vindictive creatures in all my life. There is one in particular, a kangaroo rat who at night derives fiendish glee from jumping on my bed roll, and once upon my face. Then there is a coyote who likes my food better than I do. All this occurs of course at night just where I have gotten well settled into a good position where I can feel only one or two lumps of sand nudging me in vulnerable places.

Actually, this life is not as bad as it sounds. It may have its discomforts but the compensations eliminate them many times over.

I received a letter from John Durante yesterday and he apparently is right in the old groove. Hes going to Mississippi Southern College at Hattesburg for a course in administration. John can sure administer anything.

I guess Ill stop this long winded excuse for a letter and put down my newest address which is:

Lt. Arthur E. Benson
469 Engr. Moint Co.
Desert Maneuvers
C/O Postmaster Los Angeles, Cal.

Well I guess everybody is rushing around for Christmas programs so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Art Benson,

Class of 41

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