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Fedele Demarzo

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Fedele Demarzo

  • Date of Birth: 7/12/1918
  • Date Deceased: 8/5/1976
  • Degree: Education - General Elementary
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1936
  • Date Graduated from NSTC: 6/15/1940
  • Enlistment Date: 7/30/1942
  • Discharge Date: 12/17/1945


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Fred DeMarzo October 18 1942

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October 18, 1942

Dear Miss Baldwin,

The vagaries of fortune are many  strange and varied. Time certainly changes mans lot leading him onward through paths he never knew existed.

This I believe would be most applicable in my present situation.

I know I havent written to you in a very long time  still I never forgot you and always meant to write to you.

For your information I have been a successful teacher and up until the Army drafted me I was leading a very happy life.

After I was drafted, I was assigned to the Air Force ground crew and sent to Miami Beach Fla. for a period of training. Then I was shifted to Scott Field.

Presently I am learning to be a radio operator mechanic and within a few short months I shall have been prepared to shoulder my burden in this titanic struggle.

Time is limited  my correspondence great. I shall write more later on.

Please remember me to my friends at good old N.S.T.C. Best regards to all.

As ever,

Fred DeMarzo

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