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Vincent Digiovanni

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Vincent Digiovanni

  • Date of Birth: 5/29/1918 (Italy)
  • Date Deceased: 10/13/1995
  • Last Known Location: NJ
  • Degree: General Elementary
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1937
  • Date Left NSTC: 9/6/1940
  • Reason: Finances


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Vincent DiGiovanni March 30 1944

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Thurs. Mar. 30, 1944
Finney Gen. Hosp.

Dear Miss Thompson:-

In accordance with my promise to you when I last saw you, I am writing.

Truthfully, Im a pretty disgusted soldier. Ive been in the hospital again, for the past 2 weeks and dont know when Im to get out. My knee bothers me continuously and Im rather ashamed of my service record. I havent had one chance to date, to make something out of myself, my knee hampering me constantly in every endeavor. As is, Im disqualified from O.C.S. etc. all due to my injury. Oh well, maybe better days are in sight.

Are there any Newark Staters in the vicinity of Ga. I can write to?

Give my fondest regards to miss Lipson and keep up the fine work.

Vincent DiGiovanni

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