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Louis Dykstra

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Louis Dykstra

  • Date of Birth: 5/29/1924
  • Date Deceased: 11/2/2003
  • Last Known Location: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Degree: Industrial Arts
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1940
  • Date Left NSTC: 5/14/1943
  • Reason: Military Service
  • Enlistment Date: 5/1/1943
  • Discharge Date: 8/1/1945


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Louis Dykstra October 19 1943

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Oct. 19, 1943

Miss Thompson:

Itfs just about two weeks ago now since I was in to school, so perhaps this letter is a bit premature, but I have to make up for my past short-comings.

I just received a letter from Roy D. yesterday. At the time of writing he was still in Camp Wolters, but he was being moved to Sheppard Field during the course of this week. But you probably know all about that with Ellie Corwin right there to give you first-hand information.

Our term started on Oct. 11. My schedule this term includes 10 hours of Math, 11 hours of Physics, 3 hours of drawing, 5 hours of Military Drill, etc, 6 hours of Phys. Ed. And 31 hours of supervised study a week ? which give us a grand total of 1 hour & 15 minutes free time per day from 6AM till 10:30PM. But its still a wonderful setup! I love the life! It isnft often that one gets an offer of a $2000 a year education free plus $54 a month. We get weekends off from 3PM Sat till 9PM on Sunday.

I was home last weekend and on the way back, I was leaning comfortably up against a post in Penn Station Nwk. When another soldier came up the stairs. Well, it was a good thing that the post was there. There came Bill Menweg! You probably know that hefs a Lafayette, but I didnft! So the 6:35 Lehigh Valley train saw one of the best bull sessions ever held in it. Did it seem good to talk to him. Together we pieced the old Newark E.R.C. to a semblence of what it used to be.

Itfs really amazing how wefve all separated. If we ever get a chance to all meet again, what a party that would be. Ifm afraid wefd put the gTall Stories Clubh out of existence for envy. I could just hear Bob Pierson starting off gIt seems thath ?and then Al Cordasco chiming in gYou kill meh ? in his own unimmitable way. And to have George Metzler around again ? I donft think the crowd would ever be complete without George. Ifm going to start a chain letter to the gang if possible. I think that would be fun. It would be a priceless document to have those I.A.fs giving their thoughts on Army efficiency, etc.

I promised you a picture for your book. I havenft it here, but one of these weekends Ifll mail it to you, ok? I had planned to come to school for a second day, but through a miscalculation of mine in time, I just absolutely couldnft make it. That day spent in Newark was the high spot of my furlough, though. ? Just like home ? thatfs all I can say about 185 Broadway ? and thatfs the Army expression for the place theyfre heading when our olive Drabs are changed to Blues, Browns, greys, greens, and food old college colors.

Give my best regards to the faculty and all the gang. Ifll try to make the rounds in writing, but if I donft ? my schedule will explain why.

As ever ?

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