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Joseph Fiore

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Joseph Fiore

  • Date of Birth: 3/18/1915
  • Degree: Education - Industrial Arts
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1932
  • Date Graduated from NSTC: 6/15/1936
  • Enlistment Date: 2/7/1942


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Joseph Nick Fiore July 7 1942

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July 7, 1942

Dear Nancy:

No, I am still alive and kicking, yes feebly, but kicking as much as possible in this hot weather. Wow, is it hot. I am at work now, and because they do not allow one to remove type-writers from offices  well  pen. To go on about the weather. It gets so hot down here, that your fingernails sweat

I had to think hard to get a statement strong enough. Today, we are having rain. I hope it rains every day for 2 months. I would never complain a bit.

Things are the same about camp, here, but living conditions have improved, very much so, in fact. I am living off the post, with Muriel.

Oh, yes, I was home on furlough the last 2 weeks in June. Yes, I stopped around one afternoon, but no one was around: I only stayed up north for one week, so really did not have much time to get around, especially with gas being as bad as it was up in Yankee-land. You people must have been closed up prior to summer school opening. And then again, it was after 3 when I got there  by bus  not as fast as it is in a car.  Well, I tried to see you 

We returned to the hell-hole of the south  Biloxi, Miss. by car. Nothing eventful happened. We rode under 50  no flats, no blowouts and after about 3 days of riding arrived in this chosenland again  chosen for ???  I have not figured out as yet. Living conditions are O.K. for me, now.

I report to work at 7:45 and leave the camp when I am thru in the afternoon, which is usually at 3:330 or 4. It is just like a regular job. Eat home & sleep home. On my day off, I do not have to report to the camp at all. Muriel likes it as much as can be expected down here. One would have to be crazy to really enjoy living down here, and staying here of choice. Yes, these natives do it. Well, it takes all people to make a nation. There is talk of us being transferred in toto, that is the Classification Dept. I sure would enjoy being sent to Atlantic City New J. Wow  wow! Not much chance of that, though. Oh! Well, when it happens, I will go, and then again we will probably stay in this hell hole.

I am still a P.F.C. but I would much rather have a furlough as I did, rather than receive corporals stripes. And then again raises dont mean a thing to me what with J.C. paying me the differential. God bless Mayor Hague & J.C.

Bob Salkin is to graduate Airplane Mechanics School in about 2 weeks and then what?? God only knows and he does not squeal.  Say, how are the other boys doing. In your last letter tou reported about some. I shall expect to hear reports about more in your answer to this masterpiece. Oh! Yes, can you read it?? He! He!

I have a car permit which enables Muriel to drive me into camp in the mornings. Ahem! Quite snazzy, huh? I dont think she is going back to work in the fall. We are waiting to see how things are in regards to my moving about the country. We have the car here, but cannot move it too much because of tires. Why worry when you can pray. The sign is on Broad St, somewhere or other.  New Orleans reminds one a lot of Newark, especially the main streets. And is it hot down there. Things are cooking right on the streets. All streets and not in the French Quarters, alone.  Wisecrack.

Regards to Minnie, and I will be awaiting news from Headquarters. Has Freddie R. signed up yet, to get away from his wife & kids??

Best wishes to you,


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