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Irving Flexner

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Irving Flexner

  • Date of Birth: 6/14/1921
  • Date Deceased: 2/5/2007
  • Last Known Location: Livingston, NJ
  • Degree: General Elementary
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1939
  • Date Left NSTC: 1/23/1942
  • Reason: Military Service
  • Enlistment Date: 12/5/1943
  • Discharge Date: 3/27/1946


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Irving Flexner August 6 1942

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36 Wolcott Terrace
Newark, New Jersey
August 6, 1942

Dear Mr. Zweidinger,

Just a line to express my appreciation at your cooperation and swell letter of recommendation. Thanks for tipping the scale over my way.

I have qualified as an aviation cadet and will be sworn in sometime during the next week.

At the physical examination I ran into two of the boys, Don Hoagland and Lucciola. They were being drafted and declared they were going carrying the banner of our fair school.

Well, thank again. Hoping to see you in the future.

Very truly,

Irving Flexner

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