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Ralph Manna

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Ralph Manna

  • Date of Birth: 6/1/1920
  • Date Deceased: 1/30/1976
  • Degree: Industrial Arts
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1940
  • Date Left NSTC: 9/16/1941
  • Reason: Employment
  • Enlistment Date: 4/1/1945 (sergeant)
  • Discharge Date: 2/12/1946


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Ralph Manna January 8 1945

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[Symbol of State][To: Miss Nancy Thompson] [From]
[Passed by Army Examiner][Librarian] [Col. R.E.Manna, Ralph]
[Censors Stamp][State Teachers College] [APO 627 c/o P.M N.Y N.Y]

8 January 1945

[Censored], China

Dear Miss Thompson:

Your letter, so full of news, finally got to me the other day. It was swell to hear from you. Why I wrote to Sylvie Weber I cant explain except that I felt she may have remembered me from my short stay at NSTC.
I have received a few copies of The Service Mens News and was very glad to know what was going on about the college. Although, I was not familiar with all the students, it brought me news of some that I knew.
There isnt too much that I may add about my experiences thank what you have in my letter to Sylvie. I left the states sometime ago and have just recently ended my travels. My ocean voyage was none too pleasant as condition were extremely crowded. It was a length trip and the equatorial heat was unbearable.
Sometime ago, I visited Bombay and Calcutta, India. Very interesting to note the habits and customs of the natives. Many of us were disappointed as we expected these cities to be on an equal status as any American city. However, there is only one America!!
It was great to have a plane ride to my present camp. It was the first time up for me. One can never accept the truth of flying until one has experienced it.
At present, I am doing clerical work in my organization. Enjoy it very much as it is not too routine in nature.
Please extend my sincerest thanks to Dr. Dougell for the Xmas Greetings. Those little things from all of you mean much to us.
Havent received your card of the Servicemens MAP as yet.
If you have any info on AL CORDASCO, I would greatly appreciate know it.
I greatly appreciated hearing from you Miss Thompson. Hope you wont be discouraged, in that I didnt write more. Youll hear from me again.

Yours sincerely,

Ralph E. Manna


[Christina Leedy]

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