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Richard Parkes

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Richard Parkes

  • Date of Birth: 4/16/1917 (IL)
  • Date Deceased: 2/19/1987
  • Last Known Location: Denver, CO
  • Degree: Education - Fine Arts
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1938
  • Date Graduated from NSTC: 6/13/1942
  • Enlistment Date: 7/21/1942
  • Discharge Date: 1/21/1946


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Richard Parkes October 21 1942

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Lowry field
Denver Colorado

1942 October 21st

Dear Miss Thompson:
I have sadly neglected all my correspondences lately due to the work out here. I hope you will overlook it this time.
School is going quite well and I have finished my eight weeks of basic training in photography. This week I started on my final four weeks of specialized work dealing with the advanced laboratory. As soon as I complete this I will probably go to some base nearer the west coast and then overseas by the middle of January. At least this is the way things look now. My senior instructor put in a recommendation for two other fellows and me as potential instructors at this school. Naturally we hope that it goes through, but there is nothing definite as yet. Tonight when I get to class we will draw parachutes and go out to the hanger to install some areal cameras.
I have met up with some wonderful people out here, and through then I have seen a great deal of the Rocky Mountains and surrounding country. Last weekend we were up at [Bertha pass] skiing. It was very beautiful.
It seems a long long time since I have gazed upon N.S.T.C. and its inhabitants and sometimes get a queer feeling when I think too much. It would [be] nice to get home before going [overseas] but I doubt that very much.
Please say hello to everyone for me, and Ill write again soon.
Dick Parkes

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