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Walter Pezda

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Walter Pezda

  • Date of Birth: 8/28/1916
  • Date Deceased: 8/20/1998
  • Last Known Location: Union, NJ
  • Degree: Education - General Elementary
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1933
  • Date Graduated from NSTC: 6/15/1936
  • Enlistment Date: 9/11/1942
  • Discharge Date: 1/23/1946


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Walter Pezda January 6 1943

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January 6, 1943
Hello Everybody,
It was indeed a pleasant surprise to receive a unique picture portfolio and newspaper from the alma mater. It made me recall old times at home and it was heartening to know that one hasnt been forgotten.
I certainly enjoyed reading the news items about things happening at home and in the camps. It was both interesting and surprising to read about activities of former classmates who are now in active service. This newspaper is a damn good idea.
I am now a member of the permanent party at Miami Beach, Fla. (Permanent in army sense  here today, perhaps gone tomorrow). I work in the headquarters office of our squadron and I find the work for the present interesting and informative. It seems that now I shall have the opportunity of spending the remainder of winter in Florida at Uncle Sams expense.
Miami Beach is an ideal place for an army unit. It offers best recreational facilities found anywhere but unfortunately we have little time to enjoy them. In some respects life here isnt exactly army life such as living in a hotel; having calisthenics on beach; and being able to take a dip into the ocean after a good workout. However there are many things that are army life and sometimes one does growl a lot about things. Truthfully speaking  Im enjoying all vicissitudes of this life.
Thanks loads for the portfolio and newspaper and your best wishes.
I too send you my very best wishes for a happy and victorious new year.
Walter S. Pezda
Pfc. Walter S. Pezda
U.S. Army Air Forces
580th TTSS
Unit PP
Miami Beach, Florida

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