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Abraham Resnick

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Abraham Resnick

  • Date of Birth: 5/9/1924
  • Date Deceased: 7/23/2012
  • Degree: Education - Industrial Arts
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 1/1/1942
  • Date Left NSTC: 5/14/1943
  • Reason: Military Service
  • Enlistment Date: 5/15/1943


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Abraham Resnick November 10 1943

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U.S. Army Air Forces
Chanute Field, Ill.
November 10, 1943
Dear Miss Thompson,
Although I have considered writing to you for some time now, it seems that an army schedule has prevented my doing so. However, having received the Reflector the other day, and recalling numerous ties, has led me to take the initiative of writing this letter.
At this moment, Ralph Sozio and I are here in my barracks, recalling old times and looking over the 1943 Memorabilia and the latest Reflector. We occasionaly get together and do this. Until recently Paul Fernandez and Angelo Del Guercio were with us, but Paul shipped out to Oklahoma, and the latter went to Colorado. As you may know, we are all weather observers. Ralph has completed his course and is currently going to teletype school, while I have about eight more days to go. Weather is said to be one of the better deals the army has to offer, and I guess we can all be indebted to the school and the preinduction courses that it offered. As for myself, I can be especially thankful to Dr Downs for all the math and interpolation that she taught me- and you can tell here that it is certainly coming in handy as weather and interpolation tables go hand in hand.
I noticed via the Reflector, that besides the manpower shortage, there have been other alterations in the faculty, class officers and even the cafeteria. Ive also noticed that some of the fellows have been back at school and had the occasion to see these new changes. They sure are lucky, but I hope to do the same in the near future.
Lights out will be sounded shortly, so as I close let me say, thanks, to all those responsible for sending me the Reflector as it sure helps to prevent forgetting the better days spent at Newark State.

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