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Frank Romano

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Frank Romano

  • Date of Birth: 11/3/1913
  • Date Deceased: 10/26/1996
  • Last Known Location: Newark, NJ
  • Degree: Education - General Elementary
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1935
  • Date Graduated from NSTC: 6/14/1937
  • Enlistment Date: 3/14/1941


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Frank Romano January 26 1941

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[Letterhead shows the Shield of the United States in gold, flanked by wings of the same color.]


January 26, 1941

Dear Miss Thompson,

I received a letter from home telling me that you are doing a great deal in the Defense Program. I certainly appreciate your co-operation in reference to securing a few books which will be of definite assistance to me in my work. Ibm instituting a self-study program in which Statistics plays a major role. The opportunity presents itself very nicely and I feel that I may be able to apply myself and learn a lot more about a subject which haunted me for an entire summer. The atmosphere of a Research Section is conducive to such study so Ibm going to see how much good teacher training may be applied to self.
Our entire environment is chuck-full of educational implications. We had a most interesting lesson in Biology when a Dalmatian bitch used our tent as a bDelivery Wardb for her litter of eight beautiful black and white puppies.
Wl (oops!) stayed in our tent all day Sunday waiting for the bblessed events.b Like expectant fathers we watched over our bDaisyb but she just lay on the tent floor and occasionally looked up with the doleful expression of a bleating lamb. We went to work Monday morning and when we returned from lunch, bDaisyb had borne four puppies. When we returned after evening mess, bDaisyb had seven pups. We watched! About 7:30 P.M. we witnessed the birth of the last pup. It was amazing. One of the boys, another school teacher, said that we should have more of that going on right in the classroom. Some activity program! We do enjoy our bfamilyb and we are waiting for our pups to open their eyes. Now! Just wait until they begin to roam around the tent!
The Air Corp program is expanding and you can imagine the amount of activity which is going on at all fields. Since we are at one of the largest centers, our scope is enormous. However, I find time for study and I hope to continue. I do hope the folks have not been over anxious in their appeal to you. I realize more than ever before, the red-tape that one must cut in procuring things. Whenever convenient, Ibll be most appreciative of your participation.
Do you hear from Joe Picus? Where is he now?
Gratefully yours,
Frank Romano

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