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Albert Rothbard

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Albert Rothbard

  • Date of Birth: 6/14/1912
  • Degree: Education - Industrial Arts
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1932
  • Date Graduated from NSTC: 6/15/1936


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Albert Rothbard October 17 1942

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87th and ANTHONY AVE.
780 8 SO Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois
October 17, 1942

Dear Nancy, Ibve been intending to write to you ever since I was surprised with your combination card and letter. It was swell of you to write and let me know how things are with the other fellows. Now to let you know about me. So far, Ibm a Civilian Trainee. Ibm being trained Aviation sheet metal and when the course is finished Ibll be shipped out to a Navy base to train sailors in this work. As far as I know now Ibll be going to Norman, Oklahoma which is about 18 miles away from Oklahoma City. Ibm expecting to enlist and want to get First Class Petty Officer, Teacher Specialist Talk about a tough course up here. Normal School was a picnic in comparison to what Ibve gone through it in the last 2 B= months (I finish in two weeks) Ibve been taking notes and writing reports and lesson plans until Ibm blue in the face and my hand all cramped. After all they have to cram a long course into three months and that means work.
Harriet and Ruthanne (my daughter is quite the big girl and will be 2 years old on Dec. 8) have been with me all the time. We closed up our home and put our things in storage. Webre living in a furnished apartment here.
You might like to know about some of the other men from Newark. Jack Lucas started here with me but hebs in Engines, Joe Dunkley is teaching, Propellors to the sailors here, Lemony Hives has finished up as a Hard tools man is waiting to be shipped out. Pat Marchesani moved out to Oklahoma last month. Therebs one or two others here, but I donbt remember their names. One I think is Sidererrity.
Thatbs about all for now. thank Miss (x) for her card and the transcript and as soon as I enlist Ibll let you know.
b(SincerelyAl Rothbard

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