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Arthur Soraci

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Arthur Soraci

  • Date of Birth: 2/9/1922
  • Date Deceased: 8/24/1951
  • Last Known Location: Lorraine, France
  • Degree: General
  • Date Enrolled NSTC: 9/1/1940
  • Date Left NSTC: 7/1/1942
  • Reason: Another College
  • Enlistment Date: 10/12/1942


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Arthur Soraci December 31 1944

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Miss Nancy Thompson
44 A- James Street
Newark, New Jersey

From: 32563684.
Pfc. Arthur R. Soraci
4106 U.S. Army Hosp Plant.
APO 511 c/o P.M. NYC. N.Y.
31 December 1944

In a hospital in England.
Dear Miss Thompson,
Included in my mail today was the charming card and letter written to me on Dec 2, from you. It was both a surprise and comfort that will always be remembered. The Lord will remember and reward you for your constant untiring effort to help cheer us fellows up. I for one shall never forget you.
Please do not worry about me. I am being cared for and should be back to my feet in a short time. I greatly appreciate your desire to send me something but shall have to say no. There is not a thing that I need except a quick recovery and that is well on the way. There is a huge job to be performed here before we can return to our previous status of civilian (1A). Until that V day I shall remain on the eastern side of Atlantis. Although combat has been scratched from my future abilities, I am certain there are other potentialities in my make up which will allow me to carry out my eagerness in continuing to get my brothers + buddies to Berlin. It is unfortunate that I could not continue after getting so close, yet I have the satisfaction of knowing that I did my part as long as I was able, As long as there is a breath in my body and as America with people like you, I shall carry on and insure you of security and freedom.
As ever. Arthur

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