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Unknown Soldier August 3 1945

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Nu Theta Chi
Aug. 3, e45

Dear Miss Thompson,
Enclosed please find a couple of cool sea breezes intent on relieving the heat situation up that way.
I have some news for you on our friend Joe, but itfs not very pleasant? Hefs been in the hospital for a little over a month now, from Midland to [1 word, illegible] to Ft. Dix and now Walter Reed. Please donft put anything about it in the paper. I thought that you and a couple of others who are interested in Joe, might like to have his address, though.
Theyfre still not sure just exactly what trouble is, but whatever it is, itfs not good. Hefll get the best of care at Reedfs and Ifm sure hefll be okay and up and a round soon.
Ifve heard a few rumors around that things are changing a bit up at the college. It wonft be very long before wefll be up there ourselves to sorta keep posted Joefs address:
Ward #8
Walter Reed Gen. Hosp.
Washington, D.C.
? Marian

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